Historically, an eye examination was nothing more than flipping lenses before the eye by the optician and took no more than a few minutes to do the job. No information on the health conditions of the eye, whether the eyes are working together or even if the prescription was right. There was no formal training for opticians and therefore absence of practice standards until some 20 years ago when the government started to regulate the profession in order to protect the public from low standards of optical service.

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Why do we need regular eye examination?

The eye as the window of our soul

Think about this: Over 80% of all information the human body receives are through the visual system! Your eyesight and the preservation of it are important!

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Is Contact Lens Safe?

Since contact lens made its first appearance more than half a century ago, the number of contact lens wearers today has grown to around 150 million people worldwide. In Hong Kong, there are about 750,000 on different types of contact lenses. Contact lens has become a very popular vision correction modality largely because of its great comfort.

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